If you have spent much time in the historic neighborhoods around the University of Oklahoma, you probably already know the name Brent Swift—because Brent’s work stands out. It stands out because his homes stand in contrast to the cookie-cutter houses that seem to appear overnight in many housing additions. He builds homes with character and craftsmanship and his reputation for fine renovation work is unchallenged. Brent has established a reputation as someone dedicated to designing, building and renovating homes that will endure for generations, meet the needs of real families, and beautify our community. This reputation has led to Brent becoming a highly sought-after builder and renovation contractor.

Brent brings with him many years of home rehabilitation experience. In 1997 he began purchasing and renovating homes in the neighborhoods surrounding the campus of the University of Oklahoma. His passion for remodeling and rehabilitating these historic homes and buildings has helped to beautify and preserve our community. Moreover, these homes not only retain their traditional beauty, they function flawlessly for the lifestyle of the modern families that call them home.

Let Brent’s experience and expertise provide you and your family an opportunity for a new or remodeled home with impeccable design and flawless craftsmanship. Using unequalled style, the finest materials and fixtures available on the market today. With your input and choices Brent will help your home find its true potential.


Croy Residence   Photo by Tim Hursley

Croy Residence

Photo by Tim Hursley